Guiding Women Through Life Transitions

"Establishing Confidence & Control in Your Financial Life"

Most of our clients are women experiencing a major life transition like divorce, the loss of a spouse or loved one, facing retirement or are taking care of aging parents. For most, they are going through a difficult transition in their life where they find themselves having to make tough financial decisions while dealing with unsettling times.

Every client has a unique DNA and blueprint of life experiences and each can create an exciting vision of their desired future. Our passion is to effectively help structure that vision, design & implement investment strategies and then apply a professional process to make it happen. We do love to be fully engaged in our formal process to help develop and manage new personal visions.

It doesn’t matter what brought our clients to us, they all share the same three concerns:

  • How will I get through this alone?
  • Will I be OK?
  • How do I transfer values & memories to the next generation while not being a burden to my children?

As your transition wealth advisors, we:

1. Gently navigate clients through our Discovery & Bonding Process giving them confidence to make tough financial decisions.

2. Walk clients through our Transition Checklist to assemble a team of professionals to provide them with the expertise they need to visualize their future.

3. Utilize our Family Transition Conversation, so clients can plan ahead to relieve any undue burden on their children.